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Will The World Ever Be A Better Place For All Humanity


In a world where change is good, will the world ever be a better place for all humanity? It's a question that has been asked throughout history over time and is still being asked to date

One that still puzzles us today. But with all the changes that have happened in the past, it's hard to imagine how the world could be any different. After all, change is what makes us human. We're constantly evolving, adapting to our surroundings, technology keeps changing, and we human keeps learning and evolving

From learning from our mistakes or failing to learn from our mistakes while trying to build a peaceful global world possible reasons we are witnessing the Russia and Ukraine wars in Europe,

Ethiopia's Tigray war crisis in Africa and hunger are escalating globally, and if all these continue, then there's no reason why the world could be a better place for all humanity.

Change as they say is good but change sometimes may be uncomfortable, then you ask, again and again, will the world ever change for Good, will the world ever be a better place for all humanity?

Change is often seen as a good thing. It can bring new opportunities, experiences, and lessons. However, change can also be uncomfortable to many. changes at times can be scary and stressful, especially when it's forced upon us. But even though change can be difficult, it's often worth it in the end.

For example, if you ask yourself that question, will the world ever change for Good? And if it does, will it be because of hard work from people like you and I

The answer to this question is a resounding yes, yes is possible to have a global peaceful hungry free world, though it might sound impossible. If will keep failing to put the human race at the front above tribes, colors, racism, religion, if will put the human race above every other thing etc

The world can be a better place when human race, one humanity is put in front of every other thing that divided us as one human, of which we all need to work hand in hand and be consistent in achieving global peace

As a person, My team and I are working very hard to give WorldForumLive the best and help the platform grow faster, though it has not been easy and we will need to help all members of the community

And for those who believe that everything just dropped on our lap, the journey was more complicated than we expected it. we had to fight hard to make reality what was an aspiration to many coming from a third-world country in Africa

The desire to treat all people equally. You see, it often takes centuries for people to change. Change is good but change is uncomfortable. Change is good in theory, on the streets, on television, but when you begin to see people who do not look like you in your neighborhood and dislike them just because of color

You hear people years ago chant Black Lives Matter, Black Lives Matte, is normal in theory and is no longer that cool in reality cus all human lives matter, and what we should be talking about now is one Human Race

This is 2022 all we should be talking about is the human race where all lies matter, where is possible to make the world a better place for all humanity, but far in Europe, Africa, and all over the world, we still hear about War, and hunger, some says is human nature

So possible the world may never change from what it used to be, even though there are significant changes from what it used to be 500 years ago

Most people want to change when it’s far away, even media owners want to change in theory, not in practice. So we had to fight for everything, so in a way, we hope by the end of the month we will be able to Open the World Forum Marketplace for all.

A Place where you as a member can sell your digital products, non-digital products, and services to the global world, we are working day and night to make this possible before the month's end. So help us, God