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When I wrote about the late Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua: This Happened


Just a few days ago, I wrote about Late Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua, Read It Here

After that a lot of people came to me, while my writing focused on some of the good things he did while he was alive, some people were upset about it and some told me that they are disappointed in me.

They told me, why do you write about that man, c'mon you write and focus on painting him good and innocent, they continued

See let me tell you, you know his miracles were controversial, highly controversial and that his prayers were fake, his charity and giving are loop-sided and they said this and that about him while trying to prove their point

Of course, I have to be a good listener, I have learned recently that to be a good communicator, you just have to first be a good listener. and yes I listened to them all, read their message line BY line, one of the other

Then came to my conclusion, that. The truth is you can decide to focus on the bad things that are said about people, this is not just about the Late Prophet TB Joshua, but about anyone

You can focus on seeing or believing what people told you about a specific person, you can focus on what the media, the social media is saying about a person and miss out on the very and best good part of the person. The reality is, every person alive has a good side, including the person reading this. Besides, who am I to judge whether some prayers are fake or real?


Who am I to say this person is good and the other is bad, is it because our lives are not in the public domain for every bad thing we ever did to be broadcast and advertised daily?

If we look closely at your own life, have you been perfect? Have you secretly cheated, lied, deceived, manipulated? Have you been jealous, envious, and wished people who were excelling you badly?

C'mon, let's stop pretending online and in real life, let's give people space to excel for good

You can decide to write about all the bad things people have done in life, you also have a Facebook page. I was just writing about a man who went from attending no school to touching the lives of millions of people around the world. That's also part of his story.

You know, it can be so hard for people to say something great about anyone else, and especially when the person is controversial, friends often abandon them, relatives also do so and join the mob, and slander them.

Anyway, that consumes a lot of energy. If we think we can, yes we can do better when we focus on the good one or the next person beside you did.

Let all learn to love and let love lead. Cheer and Click Here to Join The WorldForum

Share the love, the good, not the hate and bad,


Active member
Great story. Never heard of JB Joshua, however the point is anyone can share anything good or bad, but it don't have to be spread everywhere i.e. social media. What I love to do is write in a journal and put a lot of thoughts down. IF I want to share my notes, I will allow people to read my journal not the entire town.