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What Is The Future Of Blogging (Is Blogging Dead) Answer



Technology is seriously involving as AI Machine learning is now changing the internet phase, lately, a lot of bloggers and content creators are asking. What is the future of blogging (is blogging dead)?

Not just bloggers and content creators, in general. The online community is becoming fearful of AI tech and possibilities, as most say this might leads to the end of blogging

A lot of people have come to me asking what is the future of blogging, and website authoring, asking if blogging is dead with the influence of AI Toolkit. While my simple answer to them is (No). Blogging is not dead, but going through a new phase of possibilities, blogging is much alive and has become more interesting lately

What is the future of blogging (Is Blogging Dead) Answer.png

You see friend, am among those who believe that the future is unpredictable only when you understand that the future is now, anything can come up as much everything is possible

Yes nothing lasts forever and any new technology comes with new possibilities for people like you and me to learn, be involved with, and take advantage

People are asking ''What is the future of blogging? can they still go into blogging in 2023? Is blogging still profitable, this question comes up daily, and even existing bloggers are also asking the same questions. LOL

Just as I said early, the answer is NO (Blogging is not dead) blogging is still profitable and you in question can still start blogging in 2023, but you have to go with the new thread, which is centered on Topical blogging.

Most of us who started our careers as web consultants, developing websites, and blogs for people around the world for the past years, I have seen the growth of blogging, and how people make killer profits just from blogging

I have built world-class highly profitable blogs, weblogs, websites, and youtube channels for just my clients alone, over the years. Then it was more about passion when compared to where today technology is driving the blogging industry to, which is more of business

Shockingly that the passionate part of blogging is giving way to the business part of blogging, that this days. You don't even have to be a content writer or have experience in the niche field you tend to blog about to run a blogging business.

This is the first time you may be hearing me saying that (You no longer need to have passion for it to be successful on it) just have a business mindset about it and you will be ok

If you think through it - Just because you don't know how to write well, ''YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO DESIGN GRAPHIC'' or manage a blog platform, most of these don't have been taken over by AI Tools

So whether you have the passion or not ''it doesn't mean you can't run a blog. You can leverage AI or hire an expert writer and start your blog. That is where the future of blogging is now

Though with all the advancements in Tech, AI Tech, and the ever-changing SEO World. The future of blogging still looks bright as it continues to evolve and adapt to these technologies and platforms. In 2023, we can expect to see several exciting developments in the world of blogging, including more increases in the AI Automation industries, More Web Traffic, Interaction, And Immersive Content, as well Increased In Revenue are all becoming the order of the day

1: More Increase On The AI Automation Industries

More increased use of AI automation activities: As AI Machine learning becomes the topic of the day across the dev industry, AI artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are becoming more sophisticated among bloggers and contents authors

We will likely see an increase in the use of these technologies in the blogging world when compared to human activities, as more bloggers move to AI-Generated content

For example, AI-powered tools may be able to help bloggers generate content ideas, content topics, content keywords, content edits, content graphics and optimize posts, and even write entire articles. LOL

This could save bloggers a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their life and businesses in general. I Haven even seen some of my friends, who have created more topical blogs, all 100% AI-powered, as they believe that is where the feature is at the moment

2: More Web Traffic, Interaction, And Immersive Content
In between all this AI and that, more people are surfing the internet, more blogs are coming out daily, more AI tools and new technology are being released

More interactive and immersive content is chunk daily, and one can say the internet is getting over huge at the moment: As more bloggers are now experimenting with different possibilities with AI-generated content in almost all niche industry

Bloggers are also learning new ways of engaging with their audiences, ranking across search engines such as using virtual and augmented reality, infographics, live video, and interactive elements like polls and quizzes are also becoming the order of the day

Engaging Polls contents and Quizzes are nothing new, but you might see them more frequently than ever, also PPA niches are waxing stronger

There is a now greater emphasis on building an authority site, and forum communities: As more bloggers are increasingly looking for ways to foster a sense of community among their readers.

This has also involved bloggers looking for more ways to build leads, such as Whatsapp leads, and Telegram broadcast leads, apart from depending on Search Engine Optimization and Email marketing

Also, bloggers are now using hosting meetups and events or launching membership programs, all these are done to keep engagement with their audience. Building a strong community can now help bloggers build a loyal audience, an evergreen engaging audience that believes well in what you are offering

3: Increased In Revenue
Just as people are asking, is blogging dead, can one still make money from blogging, and is blogging still profitable in 2023? LOL

Yes, blogging these days is more profitable as there is more increase in revenue provided you know your doings as a blogger, and as a content creator. The profits therein have indeed increased

With more diversified revenue streams, how to build leads and monetize your leads. Today bloggers monetize their social media content, email users, main blog website readers, and youtube viewers, almost everything is today being monetized. That Twitter is also WORKING on rolling out its monetizing system for content creators

Tiktok and almost all top social medial platforms have all made it possible for contents creators to monetize their content, thereby giving power back to the creators and people

In the feature, Bloggers will continue to diversify their revenue streams, with many looking to monetize their content through various channels. This could include sponsored content, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and even offering services like consulting or coaching.

By diversifying their income streams, bloggers will find better weather for any ups and downs in the industry. Automation and outsourcing

As mainstream media with a big workforce are targeting blogging, automation and outsourcing will become more frequent among established and newbie bloggers to complete and stay ahead of the crowd.

Overall, the future of blogging looks good and brighter to those who follow the new thread, the AI Machine, The topical blogging, the how to engage with users, the leads building, and best monetizing your platform

With new technologies and platforms providing exciting opportunities for bloggers to connect with their audiences, more opportunities are being birthed daily, so believe it or not. Is more amazing blogging these days

As more bloggers engage in more smart ways to create engaging content, on topical areas and monetize their work. So whether you're a seasoned blogger or planning on starting a blog career, (Yes The Future Is Promising) and much profitable

The future is all about you embracing what is working now and learning to unlearn things that are not working, only to learn again and keep practicing

As the coming years should offer plenty of opportunities for growth, success, and more money-making. So if you are a blogger, a contents creators reading this. Don't give up on your blogging career. Just learn to flow with the new thread and you will be fine

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