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What is more important to you, Money or Peace Of Mind


Hello friends @ World Forum App, your opinion is more important here, between Money or peace of mind, which is more important to you: money or peace of mind?

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This is a question that has been debated for centuries, with no clear answer, no win or loses. Some people believe that money is everything and without it, life is not worth living. Others believe that having a peaceful mind is more important than having money and wealth. so to you, what is your opinion, join the discussion live on this thread

Money or peace of mind, while both sides have valid points. Money can give you the ability to buy things that make you happy and provide security for you, your family, and those your care most for.

The decision between having money or peace of mind is a difficult one for many people. Money can provide security and a sense of accomplishment, while peace of mind can give individuals freedom from worry and the ability to enjoy life. Although having money may seem like the better option, research has shown that people with less money are actually happier than those who have more money and wealth.

Yes is reported that people with less or no money are happier in life when compare to those with lots of money across the world, just as it is often said that money can't buy you happiness, money can't buy you peace of mind

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Can money buy peace of mind? For some people, the answer is yes. They are able to find peace of mind by knowing that they have enough money to meet their needs and cover any unexpected expenses.

For others, money is not the key to happiness, so money can't buy you peace of mind, and they are a lot of people more interested in having peace of mind than in having a lot of money, so to you. Join the discussion by using the comment box section to drop your opinion on this thread