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Updating The Worldforumlive Marketplace

Hello all, the Marketplace is getting almost ready, with 70% complete. We are almost ready to open up the section where users all over the world can list their digital products, non-digital products, and services

As we work hard day and night to improve the worldforumlive is our pleasure to announce the progress of our forum platform as the marketplace is getting set with 70% complete. Here people can buy & sell products and services

We are creating this feature to allow members of worldforumlive to sell their products or services to the global community, so when completed. You as a member can create a selling thread. The section will be fully moderated for the self-interest of both sellers and buyers and it will be 100% safe for all

While checking on the Worldforumlive ''menu items'', you will see an additional menu with the name 'Buy & Sell here, it will be interesting to know that the Marketplace menu shares the same landing page with the Buy & Sell Here, so both are the same

As we work on the completion of the section, which will enable people all over the world, to list their business products and services


Selling digital products, and non-digital products or services without stress. Your opinions will be highly welcome, so feel free to use the discussion and comment section to drop your opinion on this

If there is anything you will like us to add to the section, please do feel free to let us know, by using the discussion and comment section to drop your opinion, to do that, just login in with your account, if you don't have an account with worldforumlive, please kindly Create An Account Here. is 100% Free

The Good Part Is That
Anyone with a legitimate business can list his or her business in the Marketplace section when the person has upgraded his or her account to a seller level. While the Marketplace moderators keep the marketplace section safe for all users.