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Understanding Old Media Vs New Media And Your Internet Marketing


You Must Understand The Old Media Vs The New Media is the sure Secret to successful internet marketing in Today's business promotions

Over the years the new media have changed more people's lives for good, yes I mean the internet has changed a lot of people's life for good, as well have changed millions of people's financial life for good in the shortest time ever you could imagine

Here is how the Old Media has changed to the New Media in recent times, Formally we use to have, Direct Mail also known as (Post Office Mailing) which has now changed to Emails, Digital Emailing

Then the Networking, where people gather together in a meeting, seminars or groups to discuss on series of topics, matters, and ideas, which today has changed to Social media likes Facebook, Twitter, etc

From then TV, to now Youtube, then Radio stations to today's Podcast, and lastly on this list, to then Newspapers/Magazines to today's blogs and digital news sites, this is how the media has changed, the media has evolved from the old ways to today digitized media which are more simple, affordable and better, See picture below for more guide


As the saying goes, The media is powerful, yes the then old media was powerful and now new media are even more powerful when you compare it to the former's

While the power of media has drastically moved to the new media, you must understand how to use and leverage THE New Media to promote and grow your business, You can click on below video for more incentives

In the early days before the internet, one main medium of advertising was television, radio station, Newspaper, and Magazines, while then Television, Library books were the main source of information for people, and it was relied on heavily when compared to today search engine directories such as Google, Bings, Wikipedia etc.

Nowadays, there are two main sources of information: old media and new media. Old media refers to traditional forms of communication like newspapers and television. New media refers to technologies like the internet and social networking sites which are more acceptable now

Both old and new media have their strengths and weaknesses. In the early days of the internet, there was a clear divide between old media and new media but as time goes, The New Media has replaced the old Media

Old media which consist of print media such as newspapers and magazines, while new media consisted of websites and online journals.

Today, however, the lines between old and new media have become blurred. New technologies have allowed for hybrid forms of communication that blur the lines further.

For example, social media networking sites like Facebook, and Twitter allow users to share their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics through Walls, Groups, and Pages. Over there people can easily hang out, network, and do business successfully online

The media landscape is changing rapidly as more New Media technologies have made it easier for people to access contents from any location, create contents and even monetize contents and smile home with cool cash

While Old media, such as television, radio, and newspapers, are struggling to keep up with the new wave of digital media, funny enough most Post Offices are closing down as more people don't use direct emails again

Newspapers and magazines have been losing readership for years and television networks are looking for new ways to attract viewers.

The old model of broadcasting is no longer sustainable, and the way that we receive information is changing dramatically. The relationship between old and new media has been a topic of debate for years.

Old media, such as print media, television, and radio, are often criticized for their outdated methods and content. New media, such as the internet and smartphones, are often lauded for their ability to reach a wider audience quickly and cheaply.

But is old media obsolete? Many people believe that the traditional media- TV, newspapers, magazines, etc. are losing their influence and are no longer as important as they once were.

There is a growing trend among some people to use the internet and other new forms of media to get their information. These new forms of media often have more freedom than the old ones and allow for a lot more variety in what you can find.
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