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Understanding Basic Hyperlinks HTML Codes


Hey friend here are basic hyperlinks HTML Codes you could use to add weblink, in the body of websites pages

1: Adding Link To Webpage
To add a link to a page, use the below hyperlink

<a href=“http://Internet URL goes here.”>Title World Goes Here.</a>

Now see it for example below

Hyperlink Code Link Example below
<a href=>Worldforum App</a>

This will be the result, the way it will appear: Worldforum App

2: Adding Image On Web Page
To Add Image To A Web Page Using Hyperlink Code:
When you want to add a picture on a page using a hyperlink code, kindly follow the step below

First, you need to get the image URL, then apply then follow this below

<img src=“image name should be here” align=“Use left, right or center”>

Code example below
<img src= “sample.jpg” align=“center”>

What the visitor will see is the full-sized image on the page:

3: To Add An Email Address On A Web Page
Simple use this hyperlink code to add an e-mail address to a page:

First get the email you want to use, then apply this below code

<a href=“mailto:[email protected]”>E-mail Us</a>

Code example:
<a href=“mailto:[email protected]”>Contact Us</a>

Here Is What web visitors will see: Contact Us

Those are simple ways to add a hyperlink to web pages. hope you get it, now Sign Up to WorldForum and use the comment section to drop your opinion