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The Republicans Are Determined To Take America Backward: SAYS President Joe Biden



When they are determined to take this country backward, Americans must know that over 195 House Republicans voted against a bill to protect birth control access.

While 157 House Republicans voted against a bill to protect marriage equality, and 210 House Republicans voted against a bill to codify Roe v. Wade. This is to show how determined they are to take this country backward.

This also shows that Republicans are on a serious mission to take America backward, and they're starting to be against my administration in all facets.

They've already made it clear that they're not going to work with me on any of my agenda that is designed for the good of our great nation, and they're also trying to block anything we try to do, whether it's, bill passing, appointments, or legislation.

It's clear that they have no intention of governing America at this time; they just want to obstruct, take America backward, and destroy. Says President Joe Biden in one of his FB posts shared


With a high percentage of comments on the post section, saying the obvious, a user also asked the president to add how the Republicans want to dismantle Social Security and Medicare to the list. While calling on Americans to vote, is the reason we all out to vote against them, that a vote for them will take America backward

We Prefer To Go Backward, Said a user

While some people said, they prefer to go back when compared to where President Joe Biden is taking them, in their voice, we Americans are determined to vote against the murdering of innocent lives, helpless babies who have no voice

If backward means saving lives, we are ready to say Yes! to it, it's a time we Americans should ask questions. A time to sit back and think about our present state and ask if moving forward is better when compared to what we have in the past, in that case moving backward may be better than what we have now

Still, in the comment section, a user writes, It’s backward now. Republicans want to lower this horrible inflation your administration brought upon us all, then change energy policies that sparked inflation

Stop selling off our strategic reserves in the event of a national emergency; let parents decide what is taught in the classroom, change border policies that are allowing the cartel a free hand for drugs killing many Americans & exploiting children, etc, just a start

I'd like to go back to the days when prices were much lower and people wanted to work

Why are these top issues?? There will not be any energy after the 1st of the year! Is no one worried about that? Inflation Increase Crime? Food Prices? Borders Invasion? Our homeless get nothing but immigrants are getting housing, meals, clothing, allowance, cell phones, the list is endless!! WHY If we may ask, is going backward not far better than what we are experiencing presently?

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