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THE MOMENT A: Woman Gives Birth Aboard Turkey Flight To UK


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Here Is The Photo Footage Of A Woman Who Gives Birth Aboard On Turkey Flight To the UK

A Black Africa Nigeria woman gives birth while aboard on Turkey flight to the United Kingdom. Said Turkish Airlines. The woman who is said to be a Nigerian woman, Nweke Ifeoma gave birth to a baby on Turkish Airlines during her flight from Istanbul, she was heading from Turkey to Manchester, the United Kingdom on Monday.

According to the Turkish-run news agency, Anadolu Agency in a press release said on Tuesday that the flight was diverted to Vienna International Airport, where paramedics were waiting for the woman and her new baby.

The Press release read, Another Nweke Ifeoma went into labor while on the flight but delivered a baby girl on Monday.


A doctor who happened to be onboard and the crew helped the black African Nigerian citizen Nweke Ifeoma deliver the baby safely. "Cabin crew members are trained for these types of situations," the statement added, above is photo footage of the woman and her bouncing baby girl

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