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In This Guide, How To Get Massive Youtube video Traffic, I will do my best to keep it as short as possible, without word stuffing or stories involved

Note: You can use this how to get massive youtube traffic tips on your normal youtube video uploads, these can be implemented on tech videos, short video niche, games videos, fashion industry, health niche videos, lifestyle, cheats, sports, keygens, music videos, and many more

You can use this guide for all kinds of YOUTUBE videos channel, and short heats, it's important that you take your time to read the guild which is divided into Part One ND Two, both are fully covered right on this thread

These Steps HOW TO GET MASSIVE YOUTUBE VIDEO TRAFF!! Will Help You On The Following

>>> Help You In Gaining views to your Youtube video
>>> Creating Important Youtube Video Titles:
>>> Growing and Monetizing Your Youtube Channel ''Making money online'' From Youtube Videos
>>> Helps You In Creating Videos That Engaged
>>> Helps You In Creating viral youtube videos- and many more

First When Creating Youtube Videos: Keep in mind:

How important the Youtube Video Title is to people, so do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that would not be credible. Use more exact details ''Title'' and people will pay more attention to your videos

Using Other catchy phrases:

Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually demands attention from the user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, good text layout, and text Colour if possible. But not a full title should be written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones, possible, mellowing the video keyword

You can also use misleading titles: For instance, you upload a trailer but say: “See the FULL movie here”

People will enter to see the video like crazy, low and behold, is just a trailer, but if you have yet another line for the full video, just mentioned how the viewers can get access to such a link, and those interested in grab such offer will love to get through it

Or, let's say you have a simply XYZ Video Title: You use phrases like the one mentioned above:

“XYZ video making over 100k dollar in week stripping in front of men” even if your video may be just a simple strip video one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video. Later in the report, you will see how you can benefit from it. by using a call to action and redirecting your viewers

To understand how using an attractive title is to YouTube video traffic, you have to put this into practice and watch how the traffic to your Youtube channel will increase

Using Importance Tags In Getting Massive Youtube Video Traffic

Write as many tags till they will tell you that you have reached the maximum number of characters possible, lol, Yes using tags help in ranking youtube videos

Not just anyhow tags, but tags related to your video titles and contents, this can be achieved simply with related keywords to your video title. You can also search for an existing video according to your niche/video over youtube, and see through the tags there are using, grab some

And then you can use the Tags on your videos, but don't just copy tags without having the idea of how to shuffle good tags, add them to your videos to help your video go viral

Using Good Description Can Get You Massive Youtube Video Traffic

The first thing your description should contain is your video title, then follow with URL to your call to action or other of your Youtube videos related to the current one

Also, add keywords, and good word counts, doing just this will drastically improve your rankings in the youtube search engine, helping more people to find your videos

Video Thumbnail Also Help In Getting Massive Youtube Video Traffic

When publishing videos on youtube, thumbnail servers as the future image, so take it that Thumbnails are very important when it comes to ranking and traffic

Thumbnail here is just the picture from exactly the middle of the video. ''PAY ATTENTION TO THIS'' , a bad thumbnail can spoil your video, so is better if you never use a thumbnail, than use a bad thumbnail

On the other hand
Some people got thousands of views just from the fact that they used a misleading but appealing picture in the middle of their youtube video, which youtube pick and appeared as the thumbnail.

When There Are Trending Topics, Breaking News, Gossip, Facts, etc: Be Among The first to upload

This tip has helped one of my Youtube Niche channels under trending and breakings news around the world, I always do my best to be the first to upload videos on some topic

Which has helped in ranking and getting more traffic to such videos each time I come first, even among giant news channels that later publish after me. Publishing first has been helpful, at the early stages of my Youtube video publishing career, I was not making it, not until I decided to take my publishing work full-time activities

So I keep telling my fellow Youtuber that, one of the secrets to gaining youtube views is to be the first one to upload a potential viral video, topic, breakings, etc

For instance, be the first one to upload a new trailer of a movie or a game, news breaking, etc. Target to be the first one to upload the highlights from champion leagues, lol, This work like mad

Be the first one to upload the latest celebrities’ spoofs, gossip, and skits. Try to take new videos from other websites and upload them fast to youtube. Use the youtube search feature and choose to rank the videos by the most recently uploaded, all this help when it comes to getting massive youtube traffic

Always use Youtube search on your upload keywords, there you can see potential gem videos. Take them and reupload them and use proper tags descriptions and titles to make them viral and surpass the original video, this work like a charm, try and let us know in the comment section

Also, read the complete of this thread ''Steps How To Get Massive Youtube Video Traffic'' on the next page, stay tuned

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CONTINUITY: Step How To Get MASSIVE YOUTUBE Video Traffic, Part Two

You can use the same method as explained in part one, using this should come in line with what am about to say in this Part Two, but not limited to it

To Get Massive Youtube Video Traffic. It's Also Good To Find Viral Videos, Study Videos That Are Ranking On Youtube

When you want to create a Youtube video, depending on the niche is also important that you search youtube for new videos that are ranking across search SERP

This search can be done live on Youtube search or Google, using the Vidoe Menu Tab, when you find results, check on the videos if they are recently published, if yes, study such videos and model them by replicating your unique version

In Internet marketing, As a Youtuber imitation is not limitation, people copy other trending channels and still get good results, even you, when you start getting a good result, people will model you all over the world, but don't copy verboten, try and be organic, by genuine, create quality and unique contents of your own or hire people to do such for you

When you see some good videos try to watch them or best download the video and watch it over and over, study it, read the title, go through the description, get the tags, etc and be creative in creating your videos

ALSO: Do your best to understand the videos and the reason behind their ranking, and look out for all backlinks pointing to the video, I once talk about Youtube Backlinks on this thread ''10 Best Methods To Rank Youtube Videos''

Build An Established Youtube Account

Anyone can be a YouTuber, but building an established youtube channel requires some smart work. Here I have provided a few tips for building an Established Youtube channel: as a bonus to the thread ''How To Get Massive Youtube Video Traffic"

When Growing Youtube Videos, Building YouTube Channel always
1. Have a clear purpose and target audience for your channel.
2. Create interesting and original content that appeals to your target audience.
3. Be active on social media, forums, and other websites related to your channel’s niche topic, also promote your videos, and build up a following.
4. Engage and Interact with your viewers regularly and respond to comments on your videos.

Building an established YouTube account requires these key ingredients: a strong foundation of great content, Regular Consistent Video Uploads, Audience engagement, and a little bit of luck, lol. With these things in mind, anyone can start on the path to becoming a YouTube sensation, publishing viral videos

Another benefit of established youtube accounts is that you appear more often on related videos, or more videos by this user and you get more exposure.

Using Tools For Gaining Comments

Am sorry to say, but you may need comments, views, and share on your youtube videos, possible in less than 48 hours after you have published the videos

Ask your friends, and relatives to view your videos, and please drop comments, you can also you Gaining Comments Tools, but try not to overdo it or spam it

You can get a tool on the market that auto comments on youtube videos, as well as real human watch hours SMM Panel, but try not to overdo it, Just 10 to 20 unique comments are cool, the rest of the comments should come from organic from those benefiting from your youtube contents.

Still, on gaining comments, you can make multiple youtube accounts and use each of them to comment on your video manually, but do this from different IP addresses, or simple two comments from two different accounts from the same IP

Gaining comments to boost your youtube video might sound very hard, but the reality is that you need engaging comments, shares, views, and likes to help your video go viral

Youtube video comment in some cases is also useful as it can give your video straight thumbs up, but it is not an earth-shaker, it's not mandatory. but highly helpful

Appeal To People To Comment On Your Video, Like, and Subscribe To Your Channel

I know you may have seen some Youtube doing this, this is 100% legit and whitehat system of building a youtube channel, engaging with your views

When you appeal to people's sentiments comment, like, share and subscribe to your Youtube channel, and watch how your video will start to get more engagement.

For instance, if you have made a video about your Car, say in the video, if you liked this Car please rate and comment. If you put a tech video say, if you like it, please rate and comment.

If you have put a movie trailer, say if you have seen the movie, please rate and comment. This will increase the conversions to your channel. Now, what are the videos that are usually viewed and go viral:

Thread to be continued