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Should A Woman Wash Her Vagina Or Not: Chioma Share Her Experience


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Should A Woman Wash Her Vagina Or Not There's a lot of debate over whether or not women should wash their vaginas.

Some people say that it's necessary to maintain hygiene, while others argue that it can be harmful to the delicate balance of bacteria in the vagina., also arguing that the vagina is self-cleaning. So, what then is the verdict? should a woman wash her vagina or not, in this thread Chioma Ifeanyi Eze has just shared her experience on the topic.

On her Facebook wall, where she Writes:

''I wrote a post about how I need to travel with a bowl so I can do my proper vagina washing during bathing because some hotels do not have showers that are movable.

I just got back from a trip and the shower in my hotel didn't have it. To my shock, some women commented that the vagina is self-cleansing and doesn't need to be washed inside. I started to scream because I could connect so much with this sentence. I told myself that Heaven will not forgive me if I do not write this gist.


Here's My Story:

Throughout my secondary school days, I was one of those who had to buy bleach constantly to soak and wash pants all the time. Shocking to me each time I removed my pants, the middle section developed a darker color than the other parts of the pant and I would need to soak them before washing them.

It bothered me so much throughout my secondary school days to my University days that at a point, I start to wonder when in my lifetime my pants wouldn't need to be soaked.

I wondered when I would remove my pants and everywhere would be sparkling white and the same color. I continued with this struggle and even emotionally felt like a dirty woman then.

The struggle continued into University up to the 300 level.
One day, a Calabar woman, ''Calabar is one of the southern states In West Africa Nigeria' she was very mature and was my senior friend in my university, so she mentioned it.

She talked about how many women are ignorant about how to squat, put two fingers into their vaginas, and use only water to wash out some slimy whitish stuff, on hearing it I was wow!!

She then ended by saying that's why they are always battling to keep their pants clean because they do not wash out the inside of their vagina well. I almost screamed out, but hold on to learn more as she continue to explain. She had just called my name. She had just hit on my battles of years.

Tears poured out of my eyes. She had ruptured me somehow, then. I opened up to her that this problem was eating me up and I wouldn't mind any help from her.

She boiled some water and asked me to follow her into the bathroom. She was a fearless one. She squatted down, inserted her fingers into hers, pulled it out, and showed me the slimy whitish stuff.

She then rinsed and rinsed her inside with water only and then showed me her clean fingers after the rinsing, I was shocked and happy at the same time. She asked me to do mine, and I followed her steps and successfully did it since from that very day my life changed.

Chioma has never had to use bleach on her pants.

My pants sparkle white all over and never have any iota of color change. Also, that funny smell that the vagina gives when you have stayed long hours with no bath, that smell departed from my life, was this not more than a miracle?

From That Very Day, My confidence Shot Through The Roof: Even as a grown married woman, I have taught this secret to no less than 20 women over 30 and still counting

They each came back to thank me for blessing them and delivering them from some pants issues, smell issues, confidence issues, and all sorts. Yes, soap shouldn't go into the vagina - I agree, but water and just two of your fingernails can go in there with harm

But like, I am begging all of you who say the vagina is self-cleansing and shouldn't be washed, to make sure you are not drowning in the problem that held me down for years.

I agree, no douching, no soap, no chemicals, and all that, but there is nothing wrong with just using water to wash your vagina?

But you see that squatting, put two fingers and rinse thoroughly with only water, I cannot for the life of me imagine a woman who doesn't do it. For I know the battles I had before I learned it late in my university days after suffering the pains, stress, and shyness throughout my secondary school

I also know the liberation and deliverance I have had with many women on this topic. I have taught my daughter and every female connected to me how to use water to wash their vagina

The process is simple, just - squat down, - grab a big bowl of water, then - insert two fingers and - rinse out all the shimmy stuff until your fingers do not bring out any more

Next Is To - repeat the process day and night, and - watch your panties sparkle white for years without bleaching. Also - watch you live a life where you never perceive any iota of smell from your vagina

You will love your life, and your body by just doing this simple vagina health system, while this is my personal experience and opinion that woman should at least wash their vagina with two fingers and water twice daily

If you believe you shouldn't wash inside your vagina as the woman you are, is ok, as I said this is my personal opinion, I leave you to yours. If you are like me, you are silently battling and struggling with pants that are changing color every day or you sometimes bend over and get some smell oozing from there, sister, you are not washing well. When you do, you will end your struggles.

With love to you all! Let each one do what works for her, This is simply my story of deliverance and today am happy to have shared it with you and happier for those who need to hear, learn and practice it

Thank you! Source: Chioma Ifeanyi Eze
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