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Several Protesters In UK Protesting Against The Monarchy Arrested



BREAKING: People are now protesting against the Monarchy in the street of UK, calling for an end to the monarchy

They are calling on returning power to the people, as many chants we are citizens not subject, we are done with the monarchy as they are no longer one subject, make monarchy a history now. See some screenshots below


This development started after the death of Queen Elizabeth was announced last week, with the emergence of King Charles III, the first son of the late Queen taking over. Sadly several people HAS STORMED the street of the UK to protest for an end against the Monarch, few have been arrested for protesting

There were arrested for calling on the abolition of the monarchy, among the arrested people are women and men, now charged with breach of the peace for calling on the abolishment of the monarchy in the UK

While multiple reports also reveal that the royals cost taxpayers $100M per year and here King Charles III, who is now the new King inherits the Queen's over $500M fortune without paying inheritance tax

The trend which is now ongoing across the social media, Twitter getting set with the hag tag, #endthemonarchy, as more and more people are tweeting, saying now is the best time to talk about the monarchy system of government and possible how to end it and make it a history

UK police have also confirmed at least 4 people were arrested for protesting the monarchy and King Charles, more updates is coming to this thread. Please stay turn to worldforumlive as we bring you more updates.