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Search Engine Optimization Course Video Creation Journey

This is one of the best Search Engine Optimization Courses Creation Journey you could ever follow, as I empty my brain, giving you all the secrets, tips, and SEO tool kits you need to rank any website, blog, youtube video, etc on a go

So stay tuned to this thread as we rock and roll here at worldforumlive, you will love this, as it aimed at empowering you, with just this single journey, you will also discover smart and simple ways you can make over $1000 USA dollars monthly, leveraging and offering SEO service to the global world

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This thread covers my journey in creating the course, Search Engine Optimization Course, with a full SEO Tool Kits, SEO step by step premium videos, SEO Ebooks, Backlinks Ranker, and many more, all these are well covered, step by step with live practice videos, ebook, and guides

This is a core Search Engine Optimization Course, you too need to rank any website, blog, youtube video, etc across all search engine directories including Google search, Bing search, Yahoo search, Youtube search, Yandex search, Ask Search, Duckduckgo search and many others

The course starts with live training, covering the introduction part, introduction to the Course, introduction to the Author Developer Mbonu Watson, and then proceed to the next module covering the basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization Course Video Creation Journey, introduction.jpg

What and where to begin your search engine optimization or best put it this way 'Starting your SEO journey, and then proceed to the course module 3, covering, why it's important for you to always define your essence of doing SEO, define what you intend to achieve

Here I gave a clear practical goal why you need to define the essence of you doing SEO for your projects or if you are handling SEO services to clients/customers, it's also important that you guide your client incoming clear to the why, the what he or she intends to gain/achieve leveraging SEO. All these will help you in your journey to ranking your website, client website, and any websites, blogs, youtube videos, etc

Search Engine Optimization Course Video Creation Journey.jpg

Some important affiliate links were also shared on this module, as well the source files that come added with the core files on the purchase download link avalable for those who purchase this course only, these are affiliate link that helps us in creating quality threads and making more great videos likes this

Among such affiliate links in this section
Are links where you can Purchase Domain Name (website name), where to get good hosting for your SEO optimized website or project, which I refer 2 providers namely: Savor host and Namecheap

Also: I provide an affiliate link where you can get quality SEO light themes, Templates, Scripts, Plugins, Extensions, Tools for all your SEO projects, giving ref to the Envato market

I have spent years practicing what I am revealing to you here, countless sleepless days and sleepless nights with interesting results. experimenting with core white hat techniques used in ranking websites

Offering SEO Services to the global world, with hundreds to thousands of happy customers across the globe, creating, making our respective hustles work on an ongoing basis, previously empowered hundreds of SEO top earners till date. Doing all that am now revealing to you here, provides everything on a platter of GOLD for you to grab (plug, play, make money)

While This Is Not For Everybody: but a few set who want to leverage the power of SEO, rank websites, and earn big money in your country currency as well in foreign currencies $, €

NOTE: I give credit to those who put in the work, time, efforts & learning into their process rather than expecting to be spoon-fed in total "plug & play" mode, so please. This course is priced at a FREE Give away price for just $19 United States Of America Dollar, so if you are interested in securing it, Just login with your World Forum Live account send me a PM

You can also reach me on Whatsapp, Just click here to connect with me on Whatsapp, or get in touch with me live on Mobile +2348068608490

LASTLY: To have this course SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION COURSE Work for you, ranking websites, offering quality SEO Services, you must put in the effort of hard work and work smart

This is never a make-money quick spoon-fed, so you have to be ready to put in the work as revealed on the course, when you put in the work, you can earn 1000$ or more monthly, by just optimizing your website with buyers keywords, relevants keywords, ranking on search engine top one pages and as well offering SEO Services

Though with great values i have shared on the core course, you will discover the SEO ranking secrets, provided facts, SEO working model, SEO Tools, Backlinks rankers tools, SEO Contents model tools, etc have thses and many undsiclosed resources has been included on the course

In all, plan to learn and practice along, by so doing, you will see greater results, make more cool cash, smile to the banks, and thank goodies you come across this page

REMEMBER: Taking action is what matter, not spoon-feeding. take action in getting this course now

WARNING: Don't miss securing this course for any reason, please don't. Sign up to worldforumlive here, to be part of the great journey: Cheers

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Developer Mbonu WATSON C. the thread my journey to creating this course continue, check update soon
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Welcome back, proceeding on the Journey, creating one of the best premium SEO Courses with SEO Tools Kits

Here I cover WordPress SEO, Understanding WordPress SEO, and also Content Management System ( CMS ) SEO, Basic and Advance, as well Wordpress SEO Plugin

Though CMS is the most used script program for creating, designing, and developing websites, and one of the most used CMS is WordPress. So our focus here in this section is on WordPress SEO

With what I have covered and best revealed in this SEO Course right in this section, you can now rank any CSM, be it WordPress powered websites and blogs, or laravel CMS, Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS, Wix, Shopify etc. You can rank any website on page one search research using any keyword or keywords

wordpress SEO, SEO Course.jpg

I covered the ins and out of WordPress SEO, from the basic to advance, Covering Best WordPress SEO Plugins, Plugin SEO best practices, and many more

When you get the premium SEO Course and go through the courses videos and SEO Tools kit, You should be able to rank any WordPress website, as well provide WordPress site SEO optimization services and make cool cash, you will rank not just wordpress website but all websites including websites running on laravel CMS, Joomla CMS, Drupal CMS, Wix, Shopify, you will be able to rank them in weeks

So get the Premium SEO Course of this thread, interested in getting it, just send me a message or best save my mobile number at +2348068608490 and send me a Whatsapp message

The price for the Premium SEO Course is just 19$ dollars only, we also accept all country's currencies, so irrespective of the country you are viewing this thread from, you can easily make payment for this course with your country's currency, yes we accept all country currency

All you need is to convert the $19 U.S dollar to your country's currency and make payment of the actual price in your country

LASTLY: Here you will learn Monetization Of WordPress SEO, How You Can Make Over $500 U.S Dollars monthly, optimize WordPress website for clients and others all over the world: You Will Discover How To Make Over $500 Dollars Monthly

monetization of wordpress SEO Plugin.jpg

Get the SEO Course now and become an SEO Professional, learn how to rank any website with any keywords, and best how you can optimize your SEO Skill by starting your own SEO Agency and make cool cash for yourself

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