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Reasons Why People Are Driven By Self Interest



So after the Queen's death, a lot of people are criticizing the Loyal family for their decades of miss rule over other nations mostly countries in Africa.

People came online to vent their anger for the decades of the British government being in charge of most Nations around the world. Also for the Queen not to have apologized to these nations all these years as she stayed on the throne for 70 years protecting British interest

Then the question? ''Why People Are Driven By Self Interest'' came into my mind and I want to discuss it. Please pay attention

You see, self-interest has been a powerful motivator to many. It drives people to do what is in their own best interest, even if it means sacrificing others and in some cases even if it means hunting others.

People, a lot of people, families, tribes, nations, religions, etc are all driven by self-interest and continue to strive only to protect their interest, when you ask? why are people driven by self-interest, let's say simply because it is in our nature as humans to look out for ourselves first

We put ourselves first before any other things, that is what the British government has done for decades over their colonies, most nations put themself first protecting their interest before any other nations

This doesn't mean that we don't care about others, but our first instinct is always to take care of ourselves as individuals, as family, as a group, or as a nation. When the British Government was in charge of over 70 nations. In Africa where I'm from? They colonized us for decades not because they cared more about Africans

But just to protect their interest, that process, to keep their interest safe, millions of Africans paid the automated price with their innocent lives. Even after they have left. The African leaders now in charge of African leadership have equally done more harm to Africans just the same way the British government has done

Then You Ask, What Is The Difference Among Them:

People are moved by what there will gain. their self-interest goes before any other, the golden rule is the same today as it was during the earthly time of Jesus Christ of Israel.

You can have most things that you want in life - money, power, fame, love, care, joy, happiness, a home, a private plane, a dog, a cat, a beautiful house, even a beautiful this and that, with suspension, restriction, sensation, and attraction - if you can help others get most things that they want in life. Things they are interested in you are then part of their interest

Years ago, Africa has all the raw materials, these were things the colonial masters are interested in, Africa also has the manpower and their people came, colonize them, and was buying the best among every Africans as a slave, shipping them to another part of the world and selling them

People Are Driven By Self Interest

Irrespective of where you live or reading this thread from, people are driven by self-interest. This is true whether you live in the district of Columbia in the United States, Luanda in Angola, Anambra in Nigeria, Nairobi in Kenya, or Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

People are driven by self-interest. Even the richest person on earth is driven by self-interest, nothing else, nothing less. They are mostly driven by what they will gain the rest are masks that we all wear to project saintly appearances.

While in reality, everyone you meet in a bar, the subway, the yoga studio, the gym, the restaurant, the school, the mountain, the park, the events, the neighborhood, or the yacht, is as pragmatic as you could ever imagine! They are all driven first by what can benefit them personally.

No One Does A Thing For Nothing! Self-Interests Are Always Attached:

But 99.9 percent of us fail to understand this concept, that no one does anything for nothing, even when it appears that way, even when they say it. Even when they have convinced themselves that they are that beautiful angel, that they are different, that the human nature developed over the past 3 million years does not apply to them.

So what I am saying is there are people around you who can solve that problem that you now believe is an impossible task, there is someone or people who can help you get there or get what you want, always find these people and appear to their interest and get what you want

But, because we humans mostly focus only on what we want without thinking long and hard about what they want, or what other people want, most people's life will certainly remain the same.

Appear To What Others Always Wants

You will remain stuck where you are, unable to get what or who you want because you're focusing on yourself not on yourself, and on what others also want to give you or lead you to what or who you want

Though self-interest can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the situation. It can drive people to achieve great things, or it can lead to greed and selfishness.

Lastly, Is important that we knew that people are driven by their self-interest, yes 99% of people are driven by self-interest, know this today. Also, Join Worldfourmlive here for all Free