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Pope Francis Helped In His Wheelchair As He Presides Over A Beatification Mass Of Late Pope John Paul I


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The Moment When Pope Francis Was Helped In His Wheelchair As He Presides Over A Beatification Mass Of Late Pope John Paul I, His Predecessor

Pope Francis the head of the Catholic Church who lives in the Vatican City since 2013 officiates a global mass where he beatifies His Predecessor Pope John Paul I who died in 1978 after only 33 days as pontiff

With this beatified mass performed under his name, He now moved closer to sainthood with the Vatican still having to dismiss lingering conspiracy theories that he was a victim of foul play.

Pope John Paul I who remain the smiling Pope, served the Catholic Church for 33 days before his stunning death.

Among the things that got people all over the world talking was the fact that Pope Francis was helped, always carried in his wheelchair. While this is part of human nature, understanding nature is one of the beautiful gifts we humans should learn to embrace, so is normal for Pope Francis who was born on 17 December 1936 and is now 85 years old to be in a wheelchair, as recommended by his physicians


Aging comes with a lot of health challenges, and we as humans all should learn how to live, embrace and enjoy mother nature, also respect nature when issues related to health and aging strike us irrespective of who we are in the society. No matter how high or low we humans are, from birth to age we should learn to embrace nature, just as Pope Francis is doing

As many people keep questioning religion, asking why can't they use the healing power of Jesus they preach about to heal the Pope as you can see in more picture footage below where Pope Francis is helped on his wheelchair


Not judging God, neither the healing power of Jesus the Christian faith 📷: watching how Pope Francis is consistently helped up from his wheelchair as he arrives on stage to preside over a beatification mass of late Pope John Paul I, on September 4, 2022, at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican city.

Pope Francis beatified John Paul at a ceremony in St. Peter's Square before tens of thousands of people. Beatification is the last step before sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

John Paul is known as the ''Smiling Pope" because of his meekness, happiness, and simplicity in nature.

"With a smile, Pope John Paul managed to communicate the goodness of the Lord to the church," Francis said in his homily, speaking as people huddled under umbrellas in a thunderstorm ready to receive blessings

Then came the words of Pope Francis, when he said "How beautiful is a Church with a meek, happy, serene, and smiling face of Late Pope John Pual I. Is been years since he left us, but his good deeds that never closes doors, never hardens hearts, never complains or harbors resentment, does not grow angry or impatient, does not look dour or suffer nostalgia." remain with us.