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Nollywood Actor Aguba Turn Mad Man In New Movie Set

For weeks ago an Africa Nigeria Nollywood actor by the name ''Aguba'' has been trending across the social media platform after he was seen homeless in Enugu the coal city of Nigeria and was later rescued by Uncle Jay Comedy

Who later took him to (OPM) a Port Harcourt Nigeria base church where he was given a new home, also scheduled for rehabilitation


Surprisingly, the actor is back on the news, but this time around he was not homeless, he was featured in a yet to be released Nollywood movie where he was given the role of a mad man.

While many people expect the Rehabilitated Veteran Nollywood Actor KENNETH AGUBA to be given a better role, something like King, but now features in the yet-to-be-released new movie as a Mad Man is a wrong move

In the movie, which is yet to be released, the Veteran Nollywood Actor, Kenneth Aguba, 'Runs Mad' was acting the role of a mentally challenged person


While Nigerians have taken to social media to vent their anger at the producers of the movie, asking about all the roles he can play, why give him the role of Madness again!!! Why mad man,

One Facebook user react, See her reaction in the quote below

While we are still discussing ''Aguba'' rehabilitation which is supposed to be in progress till now, it's sad seeing him playing the role of Mad man in a movie

While going through the comment section we discovered that most people are not happy with the mad man role he was given, See some screenshot reactions below



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