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Martin Luther King Jr Day In The United States

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Every 16th of January was mapped as Martin Luther King JR Day in the United States and this year's being yesterday Monday was a day to remember a man who fought for freedom without a single weapon, won, and help to liberate Americans

This year's remembrance fall's on Monday, January 16, 2023, the Martin Luther King, Jr., Federal Holiday in the United States, is always observed on the third Monday of January each year.

Martin Luter King Jr Born in 1929, was celebrated yesterday for this year's 2023 memorial, though his actual birthday is January 15 (which in 1929 fell on a Tuesday).

From all of us WorldForumLive, please Join us in honoring, and celebrating a great man who fought for a better America, who stood up for the American dream for all

Yes, America is not perfect yet but things have so much improved now. When Dr. King was alive racial discrimination was the law of the land, and slavery of humanity was top notch. Black Americans risked jail time for accessing public accommodations like drinking fountains, parks, restrooms, restaurants, schools, and hotels.

Their voting rights were also denied by complicated, onerous, and discriminatory rules. Even if they attempted to register to vote, they could be fired from their jobs, be run off of their farms, or face vigilante violence, that was the United State Dr. King fought against and won

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Dr. King imagined a better America where all men and women will be treated with dignity, respect, love, and equality. These days, America is a better country. Though It's not yet perfect. The fight for equality and dignity and justice continues. But major improvements have been recorded. Thank you, Dr. King.

Now let's all live his dream where the color of one's skin does not define who they are, but the content of their character. Let's embrace, enjoy and celebrate differences.

Let's help one another. Let's see the human behind the color, the gender, or anything else. Let's continue to improve and be better, its Dr. King's day. Let's celebrate Humanity.