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Kemi Olunloyo Writes To Late Ada Ameh Days After Her Death

Kemi Olunloyo Writes To Late Ada Ameh Days After Her Death: In her note, she states. Journalism is to get the truth and report it to the public, even when no one like to hear the truth these days​

You will find more of what Kemi wrote to Ada Ameh long after her death right on this thread, Journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo, is an investigative journalist and communications expert from Africa Nigeria, who writes about her encounter with the Late Ada Ameh, a Nigeria actress, Below​

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo Writes


Dear Ada, I never knew or met you in life. 4 days after your death a notification came in my email from my US pastor @joelosteen 🇺🇸


YOU are one of the people that made me leave my passion 'Journalism' a job I loved for 28 yrs: JOURNALISM ‼️I get threats a lot but as a Christian, you are supposed to ignore threats

As a journalist, you are supposed to defend media freedom meaning finding the TRUTH. Nobody wants the truth. Nigeria is not a place to practice MANY PROFESSIONS and journalism is one of them.

Everyone that threatened me in one form in the news or the other be it Adetoun, Tonto, you Ada Ameh, or their fans all STOLE from me.

You all demarketed, diminished, and killed my brand. Joel’s tweet says it caused my bitterness and rightfully so. I was thrust into panic attacks and lost my advertisers, my name, and my brand.

Many do not remember how a Nollywood actress wrote lies about Iyabo, gave it to her PA to give it to the journalist and I posted page 1 out of 8 pages using non-affirmative words “allegedly, allegations” but still got arrested by NPF for Pastor David Ibiyeomie.

I ended up 6 mos detained in prison and lost HNNAfrica my world news portal. I have lost a lot and constantly fight for my name. I no longer fight. Today you are gone forever and I no longer work on social media but volunteer my time doing what I love and have done before: Educating people on drug abuse prevention and giving Wellness tips.

Ada, sadly I only remember you for terrorizing me and promising to “mend me” asking “somebody to beat” me. Threats are real after 7000 phone calls and messages all saved. I posted 324 of them and was sanctioned by social platforms because phone numbers were displayed. I no longer engage people online or on the streets, no taking pictures, or attend events.

I abandoned Twitter and Facebook and simply give out FREE wellness information and then leave. In my message to you on how you bullied and terrorized a journalist, nobody saw anything wrong.

Nobody saw the panic attacks I developed watching young men executed at SARS PH in 2017 and resurfaced in 2021 even still battling Post-traumatic stress. Ada, you are FREE and FORGIVEN. REST IN PEACE😞

Dr. Kemi Olunloyo Pharm.D 7/29/22, It will be interesting to note that Dr. Kemi forgive Ada Ameh after her death, may she continue to rest in peace. Click here to Join World Forum Live

News Source: Dr. Kemi Olunloyo FB Page
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