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Hushpuppi Maybe Sentence To 11yrs In Prison: Beg Judge For Mercy

Hushpuppi May Get Light Sentence, Maybe 11 or 15 Years In Prison As Investigation and Reach The Final Stage

Possible On September 21st, 2022 (If not postponed again) Ray Hushpuppi an Africa Nigeria born, with the real name Ramon Abbas is facing criminal charges in the United States for email conspiracy to launder money obtained from business owners

Multiple reports have it that, he is likely receiving 11 or 15 years in prison as a light punishment, he won’t get that 20 yrs due to the fantastic cooperation in the plea deal. if he gets 11 years, he will be out of prison during his 41st, as a light punishment for the crime against him, that may sever as a birthday gift.

Getting 11 or 15 yrs with harsh release stipulations, this show that, crime is never an option, is good to be real in all your dealings


It's now on the news that the U.S govt has agreed to reduce Hushpuppi’s sentence to 11yrs or possible 15yrs for helping detectives solve other criminal cases. He was said to be very cooperative, prosecutors in the United States have asked a federal judge to sentence Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas to 11 years in prison and three years of supervised release for his role in a multinational conspiracy that earned him millions of dollars between 2019 and 2020.

According to Multiple reports, American attorneys led by Khaldoun Shobaki in the U.S. Central District of California (Los Angeles) argued that Hushpuppi should also be asked to pay $1.7 million in restitution; $500K in fines, and $100 in administrative fees, per recommendations, submitted ahead of his sentencing on September 21.

Another news has it that Ray Hushpuppi, has emerged as Best Bathroom Cleaner in the U.S Prison, also he is reported to be among the best and most behave prisoners among others