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How To Register For 2022 International Women's Day

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The 2022 International Women's Day is here again, proudly sponsored by Google Africa

The good news is, the event is open for both women and men with 100% Free registration, though the event is going to be virtual. You can attend the event from any part of the world using your computer system or mobile phone

This year 2022 International Women's Day, is a day to celebrate the accomplishments of women around the globe. This year's theme is #LookMeUp

Calling for a more gender-balanced world. From its beginnings as a socialist political event to its present incarnation as a global day celebrating the achievements of women

In this thread, we admin Worldforumlive will walk you through and show you how to register for the event and be part of the 2022 International women

As a business woman being part of events like this will increase your productivity, business growth, and helps you in meeting more people as networking and team building is much more important when growing a business in today's tech and the modern world. As a career woman, you can register for 2022 International Women's Day, sponsored by Google Africa, by following this simple step

Step one:
Follow this link 2022 International Women's Day or copy the website link below ⬇️

When you follow the above link or URL, it will take you to the official website where you can register for the 2022 International Women's day event

2022 international women's day.PNG

On getting to the website, kindly click on Book your virtual seat today, fill in the below form and enter your Name, Surname, active email address, city, organization, and password, then click on Sign me up. see the next step below

2022 international women's day registration.PNG

After successful signup, you will get a response email message, just check your email inbox, the message should be coming from ''Webmaster'' asking you to confirm your sign-up and know your name event.

Next is to open the email, and you will see your welcome message thanking you for signing up for the 2022 International women's day event, you can also log in with the email and password you use in signing up for the event and you are good to go
Next Step

2022 international women day, worldforumlive confirm.PNG

2022 International Women's Day Event

The event is an International Women’s Day event, sponsored by Google Africa, to celebrate our African women who make up about 58% of entrepreneurs across the African continent.

This is one reason Google Africa the ground sponsors of the event said they are empowering Africa Women with such events, platforms, and tools to grow their businesses and support the women making a name for themselves in the business world.

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