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How To Publish An Article On World Forum Live

Welcome to world forum live, let me quickly work you through on how to publish an article live on World forum live, its easy, simple and 100% Free, just follow these steps and watch the shot video

So let's get started, First visit, if you are reading this article outside WorldForumLive, you can visit from your mobile phone browser or computer system, once you have landed on the world forum live portal, try to locate the Register link or the Login link if you already have an account, then login into World Forum Live

But let's assume you don't have an account yet, so you have to create your free account, by clicking on Register, the below page will pop up, quickly enter Your Username, Active Email Address, and Password, and Verify if you are a human being and Check the I agree to terms and privacy policy and click Register, See Sample Image below

Register account with world forum live.PNG

Once you have entered the registration details and have clicked on Register, World Forum Live will send a confirmation email to the email address you enter during your account registration, quickly head to your email inbox, your will find an email coming from World Forum Live and click confirm

Note sometimes, the confirmation email may be delayed to get to your inbox or may even get to your spam folder, so should you check on your inbox and could not find the confirmation email, try to wait for few minutes and refresh, if you still can't find it on your inbox, please kindly check your spam folder, by now the confirmation email should be in your inbox or spam folder, Just click on confirm and finish up your account creation with World Forum Live

Once your account has been created, you are good to go, next is to start writing your high-quality articles and start publishing live at and be read by millions of people all over the world

To start publishing, you will need to login into worldforumlive, by clicking on the Login link tag, see the image below, just enter your login details such as Your UserName or Email address, then enter your Password and click login

Login to world forum live.PNG

As long the information you entered is correct, you will be login success and will now have premium access to World Forum Live, so to start publishing Your Articles, click on Click on Post Thread and the below pages will pop up


If you are browsing from a Computer system, or you are accessing worldforumlive from Mobile, the view will be supper responsive, just scroll and select your article categories, in my won case, I'm access World Forum Live from computer system so this is how the select Categories listings will appear. See Image Below


Next is to select the post category of your choice and you will be redirected to the Post thread, where you can enter your post/article Title, then your article centents, image and video etc, yes you can add images, embed videos, and many more, kindly watch the video below. To learn more with Cheers

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