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How To Create Wikipedia Backlinks For Your Website



Hello friends, here you will learn how to create Wikipedia backlinks for your website

As we all know, creating backlinks from Wikipedia is an important part of any digital marketing and Off Page SEO strategy for any website, person, or brand. Having a Wikipedia link is one quality link you will forever be grateful your website hard, more important when it is voted as coming from a reliable source

Wikipedia links can easily help to boost your website ranking, and visibility on the web and help to drive more high-quality traffic to your website on ago. So after years of leveraging this secret, I decided to share it with you guys so you can also benefit from it

This thread is for you?

1: If you're looking for ways to create backlinks from Wikipedia
2: Types of links you should be creating From Wikipedia
3: The basics of formatting content for Wikipedia, and
4: How to optimize your articles for maximum effectiveness.

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First Understand That There Are 2 Types Of Links This Thread Is Focusing On. One Is Called

1. Notes And References Link: These links are part where all the citations go

2. External Links: These links are place articles with more information about the topic of the wiki page. Hope you now get the point, let me break it down further!!!

While there are other method and type of Wikipedia links, these are the one I have been using for years now and is working so well for me. The method to get the link from each type is equal to 90% the same, but I feel like having a link from the Notes And References part carries more trust and votes

As I have discovered that NOTES And REFERENCES Wikipedia links indicate that your content was used for fact-checking and is hardly reedited or removed. On the other hand, your chances of getting real traffic through there are quite very low because it's a very crowded link area.

How To Getting Started, Creating Wikipedia Backlinks

First, you need to sign up for Wikipedia with any of your active email addresses. you can use this link "How To Create Account With Wikipedia" to head to the Wikipedia account creation page and create your free account. Also, copy the link below.


Create your wikipedia account.PNG

Once you have fill in your detials and click on Create Account, you land on the Welcome To Wikipedia page, also remember to proceed to your email inbox and confirm your email to get full access to Wikipedia


NOTE: You don't necessarily need VPN or Proxy to create a Wikipedia account, but if you want to use VPN or Proxy, then make sure you maintain the VPN IP address when next you are logging into your Wikipedia profile

Like me, I did not use any VPN or Proxy, also is good to maintain only one Wikipedia account, I can't guarantee one has multiple Wikipedia accounts, though I have seen people do such, while o personal notes. I prefer having just one Wikipedia account

So when you sign up with Wikipedia, there are a few questions they will ask you, please provide the right answers to them. Among the questions are

1: They will ask you about your interests and expertise, make sure to indicate that you are an expert in the field you want to get the links from. Please take note of you being expertise and having good experiences in the field you have indicated an interest in and mentioned that

This is because Wikipedia only accept note and reference links from those with proven experience and expertise in the field they are mentioning, so positioning yourself as an expert in your field will also help you "gain points" in the field you are interested in later on. So when you have signed up, also remember to head to the email address you provided to them and simply verify your email.


Once you have successfully Signed up with Wikipedia, the next is to start making easy and necessary changes. Also, remember to Sign Up to to continue learning

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