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Fashion Tips For Men Who Wants To Look Good

Harnie Gold

In this 21st century, looking good is not just a good business but also a good lifestyle everyone should adopt irrespective of sex, though here my focus today is on men's looks Title 'Fashion tips for men who want to look good.

Fashion has taken over, fashion has come to stay. Almost everyone wants to grab all the attention wherever they step into and that will not be possible if you do not dress well and more importantly, dresses more stylishly.

We are witnessing a radical change in style. Even the Christian_dom is not left out. In time past, especially in Africa, men and women of God were not known or seen dressing stylish but this is no longer the case today. Many men and women of God, are fashion icons who set trends that others follow.

All over the world, fashion has come to stay and there's no going back for it. There are important tips for anyone who wants to look good and stylish.

Here are some tips for you:

Recognize that looking good is a skill
The majority of the people you know that always dress stylishly were not born that way. They learned it from someone or from somewhere.

At first, learn from fashion magazines, fashion tv programs, and fashion shows until you get a grip of the basic dos and don'ts in fashion.

There are colors you don't pair. For instance, you should not wear gray and brown colors together or orange and red. When you have mastered the act of color combination, you can experiment on your own and wear thins that makes you feel good and also is admired by the larger society

Invest in a quality wristwatch

Wristwatches are an essential fashion piece for any man who wants to look stylish. Quality fashion pieces such as a wristwatch will always make you stand out in the crowd.

Take care of your hair
Wear a haircut that suits your face. Do not wear haircut styles simply because it is en vogue but rather, wear what suits the shape of your face.

If you wear afro hair, ensure it is well kempt. It should not be rough. Unless it is intentional.

Wear what suits the occasion
Every occasion has its attire. As much as suits are good, you cannot wear them to play golf or football. When you are going to parties, a pair of jeans trousers with a shirt or T-shirt will be great but not a pair of sports shorts and a top. Except, it is a costume party.

Pay attention to your shoes
Go for classic footwears. Shoes with square toes look funny and always attract negative attention to the wearer. Having a pair of loafers, sneakers, and brogues in your rack is such a great idea.

Try as much as possible to wear quality footwear that you can afford, always keep to your budget while buying anything wears for fashion

Your belt and shoe should be of the same color. Especially, if your belt will show. Wearing a shoe and a belt that are of different colors is a fashion blunder. That is something you will love to avoid, trust me.

Do not color riot

Do not pair too many colors at the same time. Rather than wearing too many colors at the same time, it is better you chose one, two, or three colors that will rhyme and have unity.

Hope you have learned one or two things today from this thread 'Fashion Tips For Men Who Wants To Look Good, I can hear you say yes, Then why don't you join the conversation. Click Here To Join World Forum and start posting, ask questions? and create your favorable thread
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