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Declassify COVID Origins House Dems and GOP Tell Biden Administration



Declassify COVID Origins House Dems and GOP Tell Biden Administration

The photo footage on this thread shows just hours ago when House Dems and GOP voted unanimously to declassify COVID origins intel, telling the Biden administration to come clean on what it knows about COVID-19’s origin.

As social media user reacts by asking, can we ever know the truth? is the right answer to COVID-19's origins be made known to the public, while many argued ''We will never know the truth'' See photo footage of the House Dems and GOP as they voted unanimously to declassify COVID Origin


It will interest you to know that some people already believe that COVID was created at Fort Detrick and sent to UNC. Some say it then went to Canada, Ukraine & onto Wuhan, and finally was released in Sept 2019 at the Military Games in Wuhan to spread around the World.

Many athletes became ill during that time and some couldn't compete. Then, they All flew back home to their various countries thereby exposing thousands and leading to the deaths of millions of innocent humans like every one of us around the world

It’s a great show for them to keep covering up, the truth and origin of COVID-19 may never be known, not today and possibly not in 15yrs later. Maybe decades later nothing will be unconverted- the people will forget and move on a heavier storyline will emerge, a possible 3rd world war, something bigger than COVID, and then will swallow this as a nothing burger. It's all a shame how truth and humanity have lost their pride

Knowing the truth, the origin of COID may not matter as it cannot bring back friends and loved ones we all have lost and certainly won't restore businesses and monies lost

Sadly a lot of Families and businesses like mine suffered so much from this gain of function bioweapon. May God help the world never again to experience anything like theirs or closed related even as well pray for global peace. Saying a Big No To War. @Joe reporting from Sign Up to this great platform as well go here for more North America Thread