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Daddy You Will Win (Peter Obi You Will Win) Watch


Daddy you will win (Peter Obi you will win) because we are tired"Just like millions of Innocent NIGERIANS suffering and wishing for a better NIGERIA if not for themselves at least for their children and the next generations of NIGERIA

NIGERIANS can't afford again making bad choices in selecting their leaders from the Federal level down to the states government level

As seen in this short video footage the moment a lady came out to support Peter Obi the Labour Party's presidential flagship, the young lady with her child was seen shouting Daddy you will win, daddy you will win (Peter Obi You Will Win).

Just like the biblical story of a woman who touch the garment of Jesus and was healed. Peter Obi did not let her down as she was called on, and her mobile phone number was taken


The footage has also gone viral as more and more NIGERIANS are coming out in massive support of the Labour Party presidential candidate. Calling on NIGERIANS across the country who are yet to collect their PVCs, to please go to their polling units in massive and collect their PVCs to participate in the February Nigeria general election

Nigeria as a country is in dear need of change after the present and ruling party APC lead government who promised Nigerians change in 2015 failed them, as it stand now. Nigeria can't afford to make yet another mistake when it comes to selecting a good leader who means well to the general needs of the country and most important to the innocent Nigerians

Joe from has picked the short video footage, the trending moment the young lady called on Peter Obi daddy you will win, daddy you will win. Watch Below. ASLO View more thread here

Is nice that Peter Obi collects the crying lady's phone number and promised to reach back to her. She pressed on in calling the Labour Party presidential candidate, as she kept on crying and saying to him "Daddy you will win, daddy you will win because we are tired"

It was an amazing encounter and possibly life-changing for the lady and her baby. May God indeed help that her words Daddy you will win, Peter Obi you will win comes to pass
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