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Channels Television Nigeria.


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I never really enjoy watching the news due to all the crime that takes place, however due to joining the WOW Catholic social Media Site and now World forum, there is much about our culture than meets the eye. After purchasing a Roku Television, I've been able to pick up Channels Television in Nigeria. I am a people person and I love everyone no matter the race, religion, or their criminal history. We are all family. I treat everyone the way they want to be treated. So everyday I turn on the station in Nigeria and whatever goes on in any country I'm always praying for your protection. May God continue to use you in His ministry and God Bless all of you.


Yes there are a lot of crime, mostly political motivated going on across West Africa countries, down here poor leadership is a big issue. But with God Africa Nigeria are striving and will get it right some day

We appreciate your love, care and prayer. all human race matters, being humane is the best gift we can all collectively give, we are all one and also praying for a better world for all humanity

Thank You Sir @mrwil65