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BOMBSHELL BOOK, You Should Read/Listen To: Peril By Bob Woodward


It's a BOMBSHELL BOOK: WHAT I JUST FINISHED READING/LISTENED TO, "Peril" by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

So SENSATIONAL!!! covering All interviews conducted under the journalistic ground rule of "deep background".

So far the book is drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews from over 200 first-hand participants and witnesses with direct knowledge of the events around the White House, the USA Government, the Iraq war, and many others

Congress and elsewhere in the corridors of power here in WashingtonD.C., as well as from White House meeting notes, transcripts, declassified documents, memos, calendars, emails, diaries, and other records...Listening to a great book is interesting. I recommend it! to all


So far Bob Woodward's book, "Peril" is a damning indictment of the Trump presidency. Woodward paints a picture of a White House in chaos, with aides frantically trying to control a volatile and impulsive president.

The book is based on interviews with over 200+ sources, many of whom are anonymous. Woodward has been criticized for using anonymous sources, but he says their identities are protected by confidentiality agreements.

Bob Woodward's book, "Peril" also gives an account of damning the Bush administration's mishandling of the Iraq war. Woodward paints a picture of an administration that was all too eager to go to war and was completely unprepared for the aftermath. The book is a must-read for anyone who wants to understand the Iraq war. So the book and its audio version is not just about Trump

The book is a detailed account of the Bush Administration's handling of the Iraq War. Woodward reveals that the administration was divided over the war from the beginning, and that top official routinely misled the public about the progress of the conflict. The book also provides a damning indictment of George W. Bush's handling of the war and much more focusing on the Trump administration, the White House in chaos and so many others, Its a book I may still read/listen to over and over again