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Being Human, Dear God May I Always Be A Blessing To Humanity



It is a great honor to be human. We are the only species on earth that can think, feel, and love. We are the only ones who can look up at the stars and dream of what might be and work towards becoming it.

We are also the only ones who can hurt each other, and sometimes we do. But even in our darkest moments, there is always some light to those with human hearts and feelings.

There is always some hope, and in my deepest heart, I always pray to God. Dear God, may I always be a blessing to humanity no matter what the odds. May I always be a force for good in this world, being among those providing solutions to world problems and best happing in making our world a better place for all

May I never give up on my fellow man or look down on anybody, even when they seem to have given up on themselves? May I always remember that we are all your children, all humans, and best we are all one Human race and that we all deserve your love, mercy, and better life?

Then It Comes Across To Me How Important All Humans Are

That it's important before you talk about the recent, for you to try and understand how the previous was, for in most cases, it's only when you do that, you will be able to come to conclusion and also make plans for a better future

You see, its harder to change a fully grown-up man or woman, but is possible to determine how you respond towards people even when it seems we are at a time when most people don't care about being humans and sadly when people careless about others

When People Don't Care

People don't care how much you know, how much you feel, what you are going through, or what you are saying, people seem not to care about how much you make, how powerful you're, or how beautiful your pictures on social media, or what a great time you had last night until they know how much you care about them or best what they stand to gain from you!

Yes, most people care only about what they stand to gain from you, how much you care about them, and when they are not getting that. that is the end of them to you. Then, sometimes, you ask? why are people like this, well'' in the book ''The Law of Human nature'' we are meant to understand that is how humans behave

Furthermore, that is how most people behave, most people don't just care about you when you are nobody and in some parts of the world, when you become a high-profile person, most people only care about what they stand in getting from you

I have seen people look down on me, judging me from their right to left, that I normally tell myself. If one day I do become powerful with a lot of money, lol and I become a high-profile person tomorrow. May I always have a big heart to treat all humans as humans, be kind to people and contribute positively to making the world a better place. And more importantly, May I not become that rich and powerful guy who looks down on people and shares nothing with others. Amen. May I be a blessing to humanity as long as I live