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7 Myths About Programming You Must Know


7 myths about programming you must know if you want to learn how to code, you may have heard some myths about programming that could discourage you from trying

While there are a lot of myths about programming, on this thread, I'm going to talk about 7 myths about programming and will love it, when you pay attention to what am about to say here

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Sadly few of these myths about programming have discouraged a lot of people from learning programming, so we hope this thread will brighten your love for programming and help you embrace this great career part. The thread will come in both text and info graphic, so pay attention as with start with the number one of the ''7 myths about programming''

Myths 1: You Have To Be Good At Math:

The fact about this myth is that you don't need to be good at math to become a programmer. So if you have been told that you need to be a math genius or have the natural talent to be a programmer, or maybe you've been led to believe that coding is only for men or that it's a difficult and boring task. Please just have it in your mind that you don't need to be good at math to become a programmer and that is the fact


Myth 2: It Takes Months To Perfect Programming

Answer and fact. you will never be perfect in programming, so let's say, there isn't a perfect programmer, in coding, learning continues. Learning programming is a continuous experience and practicing career. So get it in your mind that you will never be perfect at programming

In addition, Programming can be a difficult or easy skill to master, depending on the resources and dedication you put into it

It can take months or even years of practice to get started developing a simple or dynamic project, no matter the time it takes you, just be appreciative for the rewards for becoming a proficient programmer are great.


A successful programmer can have a lucrative career in any part of the world where he or she finds himself, and the satisfaction that comes from creating useful, innovative software, app, and tools is mind-blowing.

Myth 3: You Need A 150+ IQ

Answer And Fact. Programming isn't hard but learning anything takes time and dedication, so here. You have to put in the time and be dedicated in your career part to becoming a good programmer, by so doing. You don't need a 150+ IQ as such is false


So don't let these myths about programming dissuade you from learning to code! just as I said earlier. Anyone can learn to program with the right resources, time, and motivation

Myth 4: You Need To Have A College Degree

Answer and Fact. You can become a self-taught software developer without a four-year degree, without going to college or seeing the four walls of universities.

You can become a programmer learning from your home or office. Just as I have said early, you need the rightful resources materials, time, dedication to learning and practice to become a good programmer, developing software, apps, and tools

Myth 5: Programmers Won't Have Jobs Soon

Answers and Facts. Programmers will continue to have jobs across the world, in fact, is becoming more lucrative as technologies keep advancing, the pay for programmers keeps increasing day and night, so have it in your mind that programmers will continue to have jobs with big pay

Myth 6: There's Too Much To Remember

Answer and fact. You don't need to know how to program by heart, that is just the fact. So don't let the false myth about programming that says you need too much to remember to stop you from learning and becoming a programmer for in reality. You don't need to know to program by heart

Myth 7: Asking For Help Is Embarrassing

Answer and Fact. Asking for help is essential to becoming an effective developer, in programming you need to join communities of minds and ask questions, also provide answers to other people's questions. Asking for help is essential to becoming an effective developer, as well as working on a team project, asking for help also allows you to get feedback and learn from more experienced developers.

Asking for help in learning programming can't be embarrassing, you need to ask for help when needed, so learning to ask for help is an essential skill for any developer in learning any of the programming languages.

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