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3 Technology That Will Rule The World In The Next Decades


Hey friend

My name is Developer Mbonu Watson and here I just want to let you know about what is coming, not bad but good, so fear not. While this is not to frighten you but to brighten your days ahead and get you informed on the next phase of niche tech coming to rule the world in the next decades

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotic are coming to replace 70% of works, this robotic will replace real human teachers, and they will no longer be available human teachers in our classroom

Yes this Artificial Intelligence (AI) Robotic teachers will teach better than humans, they will interact and engage with students far more how we the human teachers do, from both nursery classes to high collages and Universities, AI robotic teachers will take over the teaching career across the world, this is coming and may come in less than 10 years from now

There will be an Artificial Intelligence AI-powered car that we the humans will no longer be driving cars on the road, but robotic will, cars will be driven BY AI

These and very much is how the next decades will look like. is going to be both interesting, fun, advanced that humans across the world will connect more than how we have witnessed in the past

While this thread is focused on the 3 technology that will rule the world in the next decades, you should pay attention and read it to the end

1: The Virtual Reality

The rise of Virtual Reality is the newest form of entertainment. It is a digital environment that immerses the user in an artificial world.

The user can experience the sights, sounds, and even touch of this fake world. VR is often used to get you around in a video game or to take you on a vacation without ever leaving your home. Oculus Rift, which was sold to Facebook for two billion dollars, has created one of the most prominent brands in VR technology.

Virtual reality is a new and rapidly developing technology that allows users to interact with an artificial, computer-generated environment.

It has the potential to revolutionize the way we experience and understand the world. Using an electronic device (such as a headset or hand controller), VR users can explore and interact with virtual environments - immersing themselves in games, movies, and other experiences - as if they were there.

The advancement of technology has allowed people to get the most out of their day-to-day lives. One such example is virtual reality, which is a tool that allows users to explore different worlds in a way that they could not do in real life.

With a headset and an interactive system, one can explore everything from outer space to underwater life without ever setting foot in a physical location. Virtual reality is just one of many inventions made possible by recent technological advancements, and the good news is that this technology is now here with us

2: Automation Technology

The idea of automation is nothing new in the business world. We have seen how manufacturing plants have been able to move towards increasing their production with fewer employees.

However, what might be the next logical step for this technology? Some people believe that intelligent machines are the next step in the evolution of automation, capable of running businesses without human supervision.

Automation technology is a field that has been around for centuries. The idea of automating the execution tasks of humans, to create a more efficient machine, was first conceived in 18th-century France.

These ideas were later put into practice in the mid-19th century when a British engineer by the name of Joseph Whitworth invented the ball bearing, which allowed machines to be more efficient and precise than ever before.

The way we live and work is changing. With the introduction of automation technology, the number of people needed to do certain tasks is decreasing.

This leads to increased efficiency and productivity at a lower cost. The introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence has added to this change by making it possible for a machine to perform a much wider variety of tasks than ever before, and the good news is that this technology is now here with us and will increase more in the next few years

While Automation Industrial robots are the most popular type of automation, by far. However, other types of automation exist that can be just as beneficial to your business. These include computer-aided manufacturing, computer numerical control, and programmable logic controllers.

Ever since the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, automation has been an ever-present force in the workplace. With the rise of robots and artificial intelligence in recent years, many people are now starting to fear that they will be replaced in their jobs by machines. However, this is not true for most professions as this technology will also create more jobs, but a different type of jobs we have these days

While the key to automation is its ability to cut costs. Companies are more likely to automate a job if it is expensive or time-consuming.

Automation is a contentious subject among economists and labor unions. Automation is the process of replacing human workers with machines, software, or some other form of technology.

In an economy that relies heavily on human labor as its main export, the implications of robotization are often debated. Some argue that automation can increase productivity and allow for more goods to be manufactured in less time, but the effects on the workforce are equally varied depending on how much work is automated.

3: AI Technology

Technology advancements are happening at an unprecedented rate. What was once thought to be impossible is now becoming mainstream. One of the latest additions in the field of artificial intelligence is embodied in a program called "Albert." Albert can understand complicated languages, make predictions, and describe complex processes in simple ways.

Artificial intelligence is a term that refers to the creation and use of computer systems, tools, web, apps, and scripts that can perform various tasks and exhibit attributes that would be impossible for humans.

AI development has been spurred by several factors, including an increase in computing power, the need for automation of human work, and the need for intelligent robots. The first AI programs emerged during the 1950s but were not very advanced then. AI had its first boom in the 1990s with web search engines like Google.

While another form of AI is now here with us and may put an end to the AI boom of the 1990s, this field tech of AI is advancing daily and more people are beginning to embrace it

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is also known, has been a hot topic in recent years. The rapid development of this technology has led to concerns about the potential dangers AI poses to humanity. However, there are still many benefits that artificial intelligence holds for the world and its people.

Understanding AI Technology More
Artificial Intelligence is the process by which computers can answer complex questions and make decisions. It can be applied to a great number of fields, from medical diagnosis to airplane navigation systems.

In the financial industry, it can be used as a tool for investment advisors, traders, or assistants.

The recent advancements in artificial intelligence have led to the development of machines that might one day be able to think and reason like a human being. The study of artificial intelligence, or AI, is a constantly evolving field with a long history.

It has been used for games, engineering tasks, and other non-human purposes since the first computer was developed. There are tons of people that are really into the new technology that is Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an exciting new technology with the potential to address key global challenges in health care, education, public safety, and transportation. All these are coming and there are coming so fast, while some are already here with us and are being advanced more and more.

There will be more jobs created and native jobs losses, and it will also shape the world economy, that some countries that fail to prepare from Now, will be among the countries buying such technologies from countries that are already working towards it now

With these technologies, in the next decades, there will be naturally job loss, some businesses may die a natural death, while more niche-targeted businesses will energy creating more jobs for those who prepare themselves to embrace such a tech niche

Till then, most of these are already with us, while some are coming and may come so fast, Remember to Sign Up to the World forum, registration is 100% free to join thins forum portal now
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