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10 Best Methods To Rank Youtube Videos



Here Are 10 Best Methods To Rank Youtube Videos, you can rank any YouTube videos leveraging these methods

You and I know that Youtube is the second largest search engine portal after Google and is a good place to attract quality traffic to your business irrespective of your type of business

First, let's start with understanding how YouTube ranks videos.YouTube uses a combination of factors to determine which videos appear in search results. These include things like the video's title, description, tags, thumbnail, and engagement (views, likes, comments, shares, etc.).

So if you want people to find your business, start creating and publishing youtube videos, not just creating videos, but creating high-quality youtube videos and optimizing them with the best methods, it will help your videos rank on YouTube search. So let's get to the points

Here Are The 10 Best Methods To Rank Your YouTube Videos, Starting With

1. Create And Optimize Your video with Title name and description:

The title is very important when it comes to optimizing and ranking videos on youtube, you need to add keyword associated title to your youtube video.

The title is important, using keyword, make sure the keyword is on the title and also on the description sections for both newly published and old videos across your youtube channels

You can also head to your youtube channel and update all your videos, one after the other, in the video file details just (Right click on the video file and click details) then edit it by optimizing the video for better rankings

Should you have been publishing youtube videos without optimizing them with this method, please after reading this thread, head to your Youtube Channel and start updating the videos

Add the title with the keyword targeted, and work on the description. each time you finish updating the video, also share the link of the video on other platforms, such as forum websites, social media, your email list, Whatsapp status, your website or blog

The second Methods To Rank Youtube Videos is simple using the Youtube Default video Upload Setting

2. Work On The Default video Upload Setting: by doing the following

a. Set as unlisted
b. Set category
c. Set Language and so

3. In The Video Description:

e.g: Let your video description be a minimum of 300-500 words and above for Google's and youtube's best indexing and ranking. Also, let the First line of description be optimized with the title using the video's (Keyword) with a general sentence ending with a full stop(.)

Still in the discretion, add a video link and other related videos links, insert and write a good call to action asking people to also watch the related videos in this description

Add your social media links, like the Facebook page, group, and Twitter link “Follow us: Google+ | Facebook”, if you have a website add a link to your website and also link to related articles on your website

At the end of the description Write: “Subscribe to our channel” or sign up for our news later and don't forget to give related keywords or search terms as much as possible, all this right in the discretion section, hope you get the point

4. Tags, Use tags but don’t stuff them.

Give some related tags, use tags, and related tags appropriately, as this will be related to keywords and the first one will be the main keyword/video-related popular channel name. Give tags as much as possible, Youtube raking works with tags

5. Create a 1280x720 pixel thumbnail and name it with the main keyword. (Use Thumbnail )

Use thumbnail, it helps as a featured image to your youtube video, also name your thumbnail the keyword of your video

10 Best Methods To Rank Youtube Videos.jpg

6. Do off-page SEO within 24 Hrs After Publishing The Video
This method is simple, write descriptions about your videos, if you have email subscribers, use email marketing to drive traffic to your youtube video, also use the Forum website, and other websites to drive traffic to your video

Doing Off Page SEO simple means, sharing the link of your youtube videos across other website platforms, this is simply copying the youtube video link and posting them on other websites

This helps in driving traffic from those websites to your videos, do this 24 hours after publishing the video, it helps when you talk about ranking youtube videos

7. Optimizing Youtube Videos With Anchor Text Backlink:

Yes, you can also get backlinks for your youtube videos, is simple, use another website, copy your video keyword, paste it on another website and copy your youtube video link and add a link back redirecting to your Youtube video.

In SEO Course this is simple known as ''Anchor Text'' which helps when you talk about youtube video ranking, giving positive upvotes to your youtube video and channel in general. Also, do direct embed your video on any site, which will help in getting your videos backlinks

8. Make a minimum of 10 instant views within 24hrs

Try to get people to watch your youtube videos within 24hrs after publication, while this is not mandatory, it helps when you talk of Youtube video ranking, this can be done by others, but not repeated by you, you can as well use other devices of yours to view your youtube videos, or best ask people to view your videos right from their devices, it helps

9: Use Comments:

Write a related comment, do this with a different device, such as your other phones, or computers, don't use the same phone or computer you use in publishing the video to comment on the video

You can as well use multiple proxies to achieve this or best ask people to add a related comment for you, while you reply to them effectively 🙂 while it will be more effective when you do a free give away for the first 20 people to comment on your videos, these will attract more people to comment on your youtuve video and it will help rank your youtube video fast

10: Use Transcripts: Optional
You can also rank youtube videos, by creating transcripts of your videos and adding them to the discretion captions, as well as adding instructional text to the video, If you're looking to get your YouTube videos ranked, the above-mentioned methods are one of the best white hats to ranking youtube videos across both youtube search, google search and other search engine directories

Put these 10 best methods to rank youtube videos in practice and it will help you rank your youtube videos, help you grow your youtube channels

Also, don't forget that raking Youtube videos, also deals with you creating high-quality youtube videos and choosing the right keywords, in some cases, you may also need to be patient and consistent in publishing good videos

Hope this thread ''10 best methods to rank youtube videos are helpful'', Join World Forum Live here and use the comment section to add your view. also view more threads here and visit the Marketplace to buy and sell Digital Products, Non Digital Products, and Services around the world