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  1. mrwil65

    Please Check On Me, I'm not fine

    Oh my, this isn't really good. Yes, Brother Watson, I'll be sure to check on you as much as I can.
  2. mrwil65


    Happy 1st day of spring to all my friends on World Forum Live.
  3. mrwil65

    What Is The Truth?

    I've been reading and watching the news since the times that Former President Donald J. Trump 1) asked to have the wall built on the Mexican border, 2) the attack on the Capital, and 3) the charges brought on to him. The wall on the Mexican border was an eyesore for me. When I first heard this...
  4. mrwil65

    Former President deserves life in prison.

    This is so true Joe. I agree 100%
  5. mrwil65

    Happy Sunday & Happy Spring.

    Yesterday, while sitting in my chair. I grabbed my tablet and realized that I've not posted on World Forum Live for a great while or read any posts. As you all may remember the post a while back, the Apartment I lived in was set on fire from an arsonist. I've stayed in a Motel since August of...
  6. mrwil65

    Former President deserves life in prison.

    IT'S TIME TO PARTY!!! Donald Trump Says His Arrest Is Imminent, and, Echoing. Jan. 6, Calls for Protests. With his indictment by a Manhattan grand jury expected but its timing uncertain, the former president claimed on his social media site Saturday, in a post written in all capital letters...
  7. mrwil65

    Everyone Dies Not Everyone lives (Why The Hates)

    Glad to be here.
  8. mrwil65

    Everyone Dies Not Everyone lives (Why The Hates)

    Brother Watson, I really love how you wrote this article. Michael Jackson wrote a song much to the story you wrote, "Heal The World". Some of the lyrics are; ("Think about um, the generations And ah, say we want to make it a better place for our children And our children's children so that...
  9. mrwil65

    Terrorists Bombed Somalia Killed Over 100 People

    Prayers are now sent out to Somalia. Prayers are also sent to all terrorists who need a life-changing experience in receiving Christ as Savior and Lord.
  10. mrwil65

    How To Turn On Facebook Professional Mode

    I quit using Facebook. It's come down to when my wife and I had an account, everybody and their brother from who knows where gave us friend requests one after another. It got to the point where people in Saudi Arabia plus other countries started following us. After my wife passed away, I shut...
  11. mrwil65

    What Is The Reality Of Life?

    You're welcome Brother have a blessed weekend.
  12. mrwil65

    What Is The Reality Of Life?

    You're absolutely right! The meaning of life can be derived from philosophical and religious contemplation of, and scientific inquiries about existence, social ties, consciousness, and happiness. Many other issues are also involved, such as symbolic meaning, ontology, value, purpose, ethics...
  13. mrwil65

    The Pythian Home. A look back in History.

    The Pythian Children's Home. One of Decatur's Legendary Haunted Sites & Its Lingering Memory Although not a single trace of it remains today, it has since been replaced by the Decatur Y.M.C.A. and various parts of Decatur Memorial Hospital, the old Pythian Home is still remembered as one of the...
  14. mrwil65

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte Are Officially Using Their New Last Name.

    Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and her eldest brother Prince George Alexander Louis Had been given new last names. Both Charlotte and George's last name was Cambridge, but during the Queen's funeral they were both referred to their new surname Wales. The change came on Sept. 9, when King...
  15. mrwil65

    Kanye West No Longer A Billionaire, Now Battling Depression

    I remember the trouble Mr. West had gone through. I also remember the shirt that he wore as well. Will be praying for him. Thanks for the story.
  16. mrwil65

    Name calling really should come to an end.

    Back in the day, the grown up was abused when he was a child, and then it became worse when he had a child and so on. However, my father's father was the same way, and my father followed. When Dorothy and I had Sydney, that never took place. It may have happened in my generation, but I put...
  17. mrwil65

    Name calling really should come to an end.

    Growing up wasn't really very easy for me. When I started School at the age of 5 years, students took one look at me and called me retarded. This went on till the day I graduated from high school in '85. However, throughout my life when my Mom brought me home from the hospital the day I was...
  18. mrwil65

    10 Lessons From The Book Awaken The Giant Within By Anthony Robbins

    Thank you so much for sending out this informative article about Tony Robbins. He is a very remarkable author. I've read three of his books such as, "Relationship Breakthrough", "Giant Steps," and Unlimited Power". His books are very very educational and it helps.
  19. mrwil65

    Ada Eme Emerges Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2022

    Will this be televised on Channels TV in Nigeria live? Love watching the station all the time.
  20. mrwil65

    The Moment World Dirtiest Man Dies At 94

    Your'e so welcome. I've done a lot of studying in the last 2 years on that subject.